Cadeby Limestone is part of the Lower Magnesian limestone deposit (of Lower Permian age).

The Cadeby Formation limestones have been used for building in the since Roman times and there is ample evidence of its use in villas and forts from the many Roman sites along its outcrop and is now commonly used in new build and conservation work.

The 13 different beds in the quarry are strategically grouped so as to maintain consistency on any project where Cadeby is used. They are grouped according to technical performance and aesthetics.

Bed 1 – A light bronze limestone with slight lensing to the colouration. Not dissimilar to Clipsham and Bathstone.

Beds 2-6 – A light bronze-pale white limestone with mild bedding. The variation over the beds is very consistent.

Bed 7 & 8 – A white limestone with a unique form consisting of small voids and lensing of solid areas giving a truly wonderful effect.

Beds 9 & 10 – A white limestone with a mild conglomerate appearance. 

Beds 11-13 – A very fine grained White limestone with occasional calcite veins.

There are large reserves with long term planning consent.