Quarried on the Isle of Portland from a number of quarries we offer the full range of Portland stones. 

Broadcroft Whitbed is a unique Portland stone with white fleck and light shelling. Ideal for cladding, flooring and finished masonry.

Coombefield Whitbed is the most recognisable of the Portland range, tightly grained and easily carved to the most complex profiles.

Coombefield XE is a wild and heavily shelled Portland stone. White fleck, patterning and distribution of fossils varies making it ideal for cladding or feature courses where more character is required.

Coombefield Shelly Whitbed is considered a lively bed of the Portland stone range, with inclusions, small fossils and a slight openness. This is perfect for cladding, plinth and coping courses.

Perryfield Whitbed is a fine grained and premium quality Portland stone. Slight banding and low shelling makes it suitable for intricate stonework detailing.

Perryfield Mid Tier Whitbed is a premium stone. Tightly grained and similar in aesthetic to Coombefield Whitbed, it is suitable for all applications.

Perryfield Basebed is a fine grained stone that is more suitable to internal use than external. Suitable for flooring and walling.

Perryfield Shelly Whitbed is a very durable stone with a unique fossil structure which makes it suitable for feature courses, plinths, paving and cladding.

Perryfield Roach has a distinct fossil structure which makes it ideal for a contrasting feature stone. The most durable of our Portland stone range it can be used for cladding, plinths and feature courses. 

There are large reserves with long term planning consent.